Dear Toby and Jeaninne:

Just wanted to let you know that Lola is
getting used to her new home.  She is
the princess, and she knows it!  She
sleeps in a play pen by our bed so we
can hear her when she cries.  She
plays with toys, our kids, and our cat’s
tail all day.  Now I need to figure out
how to keep her from getting spoiled
rotten so that I can get some things
done.  We want to thank you both and
let you know that she is soooooo
loved.  We will send a picture for your
website when she gets a little bigger.  
Take care,
Miss BB is doing wonderful.  She and the boys get
along great.  I will try and get you some pics soon.  We
took her to the vet the other day, she’s up to 5 pounds
and just as cute as she can be.

Hi Jeaninne! Just catchin you up on Toby...he's doing
great! He is still at 3.5 pounds so thats very exciting.    
Anyways, I hope all is good out there in coleman :) I am
hopefully going to get a girl yorkie in about a year or so, I
don't want toby to be lonely (and Im obsessed with
yorkies) but I will keep in touch...I also just put up some
pics online.  Have a great week!

Teddy is doing outstanding!!!!!!  He is
doing really well with potty training also
(which is good) but he sleeps pretty much
all night! You are right; he is such a cuddle
bug!!  Justin and I are having so much fun
with him!  He has a distinctive personality,
and it is marvelous!  I will send some
pictures soon.

Hi Dear Friend,

That little guy is so cute!  And the personality!  Oh my goodness!  He is
so rambunctious!!  It was love at first sight!  Everything I expected him
to be and more.  He's larger than Chewey #1 was at 9
weeks.  (Understandably).  Roger said he was such a good little boy and
is going to miss him.  He said it's a miracle he got him here.  Everywhere
he went, they wanted him!!  His family (where he stopped to visit) wanted
to know all about the breed, how much they cost, do they stay this size,
etc., etc.  After he fussed a little last night, he went right to sleep and
no problem after that.  As a matter of fact, I got up to check on him
because he was too quiet!!  Imagine that.  We've had accidents already
(expected).  However, it's going to take a little time for Digger.  He's
not liking it.  He's been the head of the house for so long, he doesn't
like Chewey to infiltrate his space.  And Chewey just badgers him.  We
watch them very closely.  We have to keep one in the crate at all
times.  And then Chewey cries.  Oh boy, I had anticipated this.  Poor
Cooper, will have to handle them all by himself.  I'm saying extra prayers!

He doesn't seem to be eating that much.  (He can't sit still that
long).  He's just a little love bug!

You really sent along the stuff.  My gosh, Jeaninne, are you certain you
don't want some extra money?  That crate is state-of-the-art!!  And all the
goodies & stuff--holy wow!!  Thank you so much!  Thank you for being so
good to us and giving us such a precious little boy!

Well, my dear, I got tons of things to do before I leave for my conference.

I will miss chatting with you all those days!  I'll email one more time
before I leave this p.m.

Again, thanks so much, Jeaninne.  You are a real sweetheart!
Hello Jeannene, How are you? Sorry
its been awhile since ive emailed.How
was your christmas/new years? Molly is
doing great! Shes full of energy. Her
and bella start puppy training class
together tomorrow and love to see
each other. Bella was over for the
weekend and just left and now molly is
all sad. I have a few pictures i just
need to upload that i will send you
shortly. My mom saw on your website
that you will be expecting a litter of
porkies soon.She has grown very
attached to molly and would like to
have one of her own. I was wondering
if there is already a waiting list and if
so how many people are in line for a
female teacup porkie. I hope all is well
and look forward to hearing from you.

Miss Zoe is a live wire. She is like a kid
when it comes to the outdoors. She
loves being outside. Have I told you
lately how much joy she brings to me. I
just love her so much. I want to
squeeze her but I can't because she is
just a little thing!

Hi Jeaninne,
I was just going to let you know that
stella is doing great.  I took her to
the vet Tuesday and everything went
well.  The vet I took her to recommends
Eukanuba.  I was giving her half and
half like they told me to, but she
picks out the Eukanuba and only eats
that!  So I make her eat some of the
science diet before she gets the
Eukanuba.  I found my digital camera,
so we
should be taking lots of pictures this
weekend and then I can send you
I found her a pretty little collar that
actually fits her, and I bought a
little bell to go on it so she can run
around with me and I won't lose her!  
She looks so cute!
Talk to you soon,
CAESAR  is just awesome!!!  He
weighs in at 2.5lbs and that is with all
that hair.  When wet he is alittle bit of
nothing.  HE is so funny to watch and
loves everyone he comes in contact
with.  Several ppl have fallen in love
with him, especially one of the vet
techs where we go.  Absolutely no
health issues and he is the most rotten
thing there is in Tennessee.  We adore
him, thanks again, candy

Here are some of the latest of caesar.  
he is still so small!!  he might hit 3lbs
eventually and if i dont trim his hair!!  
he is the sweetest little thing.  he tries
to run with the big dogs but tires out.  
he is rotten as can be, so my husband
says.  we love him and are enjoying
him thoroughly!!  thanks again.  ps we
are going to see his sis in mo.
tomorrow.  they get together about
once a month.  she is tiny too!  

Hi Jeaninne and Toby,
I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know the trip home
went very smooth.  The girls were fine in the hotel and did
great on the plane.  I'm glad you gave me those business
cards...I gave out three of them!  My parents were like two
little kids when they saw their puppy for the first time and my
father was all over her.  I think they are going to enjoy
having a "little one" in the house again.  My mom had to
leave to run a few errands and when she got home she
found my dad and Scout sound asleep in the recliner.  Her
first night was a little rough.  She cried for so long, that my
mom took her into bed with her.  I think she missed having
Bella to sleep with.  

Miss Bella is another story!  She is so full of personality.  
She has slept through the night since she has been home
and is getting on her schedule.  Potty training is going pretty
good since I started giving her a treat every time she goes
on the potty pad.  I took her to work with me and she was a
big hit.  All of my clients held her and even the "big men"
gave a little "ooooh" when they saw her.  

My parents are bringing Scout over on Sunday for a play
date so the girls don't forget each other.  I will send you an
update along with some pictures as soon as they get a little
older.  Thank you again for this beautiful baby of ours!


P.S.  My youngest daughter was speechless for about 10
seconds!  She didn't know what to do.  Once it sank in that
she finally got her wish to have another dog, she was all
over her.  She was officially Christened "Bella Buttercup"
and has fit into our family just nicely!

just thought I'd let you know "ziggy" is
doing well. He is the life of the party!!!!
He loves to fetch the ball, thats his
favorite thing to do in the evening
when my husband comes home. He
has  really gotten larger like you said
he would. He's a regular ham!!!!!!!!
We are really having alot of fun with
him... thanks again... Carrie             
please let me know when you might
have another litter, my sister  is
interested in one....

hey jeaninne...sorry it has taken me so
long to get in contact with you...i
wanted to let you know though that ace
is doing great...he got his second
round of puppy shots and my vet told
me i have a very healthy was
so sad though because he cried a little
when he gave him the shots...and i
made me cry to...i don't know what i'm
gonna do when i have a kid if i'm
already crying for my puppy...oh
well...he has also learned to climb if you
can believe that...those short little legs
managed to climb on top of his
carrier then on to my end table where
he found my sunday school book and
of kleenex...he had alot of fun with
that...some how or another he never
even nibbled my bible...but anyways...i
just wanted to let  you know how he
was doing...oh yeah and he weighed in
at 2.3 lbs... everyone just loves
him...thank ya'll so much...jessica
Hi!   In case you don’t remember who I am --   I drove
all the way from Houston for the YorkiePoo female on
December 18th.  I just wanted to give you a quick
update on Sweet Pea.   We are really enjoying
her!!!!  She is sweet, cuddly, and makes us laugh.  
She sleeps on her back and sometimes snores really
loud.       She loves to play tug – but her version is to
hold onto the towel and lay on the floor so we can
drag her around the living room (smooth floor – no
carpet)!!      She has two commands she knows really
well -  sit and lay.   Although,  it seems that to her sit
really means treat!!   She is so calm and quiet, and
travels well.   She’s been to Phoenix,  San Antonio,
and Dallas.     House breaking is going well – as long
as we remember to let her out every few hours, there’
s no accidents.   Sweet Pea is a people magnet –
everyone just loves her.


I just wanted to share with you a few pictures that
we have taken of Charlie since he has gotten
bigger.  He has been a a wonderful addition to our
family.  He is so cuddly and affectionate...a definite
lap dog.  I did just get him groomed. Since it is so
hot, I had him shaved down and he looks completely
different, but totally cute!  I will send another picture
of him the way he looks today.
Thank you!  He is very well taken care of and loved.
Tammy   (SHORKIE)