Hey Jeaninne,

I just wanted to let you know that the puppy is doing
great. She is beautiful and very sweet. Mia and her
are doing really well together. The first day Mia
ignored her, but by this morning she was letting
Shatzy crawl all over her.
I took Shatzy to the vet yesturday and he said she is
very healthy. So thank you very much for her. We all
are enjoying our new edition to the family.....


Hey Jeaninne,

Here are a few pictures of Shatzy. I hope you got one
of her in the bath. It wouldn't let me attatch all of
them, and I don't know witch ones sent. Anyways it's
pretty funny. She looks like a different dog. It
freaked me out the first time she had a bath.
We just got back from Colorado for christmas. Shatzy
was a great car buddy. We got her her own car seat so
she could see out the window. But she definatly was
not digging the snow. She held her pee for so long I
thought for sure she was going to get sick. And she
would hold one paw at a time up because it was too
cold on the feet. We have little sweaters for her, but
I told Jen next time we'd have to get her boots.
Anyways hope you all had a Merry Christmas and
Happy New Year! Talk to you soon.


HI Jeaninne!

We love chopper so much!  He is a great dog, he
stands at the door when he has to go outside, we
took him to Dallas to our other place and he didn't
even mess once!  We had found his little bark a tad
and likes to use it when he and "daddy" play.  I have
even sewn a few hoodies for him!  (I had to teach
myself to sew first!) He even has one just for
bedtime.  He sleeps through the night and he knows
when his room light is off, it is "ni-night".  He has
already learned to sit, shake, lay, stop, "ouch" ,
kennel and come.  Isn't he smart!!!We are so proud
of him and he loves his little "truck basket" whenever
we go somewhere.  I will send you more pictures of
his outfits and all.  We weighed him again and he is
just at 2 lbs so so Nate thinks he might stay pretty

We have referred many to your website and have
been handing out your cards.  People are desperate
to have a tiny dog is seems!  We sure love him and
can't thank you enough for our baby...speaking of
which, I can't wait to go home to!  Have a great
weekend and we'll send some pics this weekend!  
Ta-ta for now,

Dear Jeaninne I just wanted to let you
know we took the dog to the vet and
he said he was as strong as an ox he
is just like  you said he already runs
the house and everything in it. We
traveled to Houston and he slept
nearly all the way we travel so much
we were glad he didn't get sick.  We
love him very much and thank you for
your addition to our family it was a
pleasure conducting business with
such professionals I could tell you take
pride in all the dogs you sell. I will be
sure and tell  everyone we know that
you are the place to purchase their
next pet. We have alot of people who
are always looking. I will be wanting
another one for my brother in law since
we are already in love with Pork Chop
and won't be letting him go imagine
that. Thanks again and we will keep in
touch with photo's.

Hi Jeaninne,
Wanted to send you some recent pictures of the girls.  They
both are doing great.  Potty training is going well.  Molly
goes to work with Beth everyday and Bella comes to work
with me each day.  Bella is a very funny little girl.  She is
very particular on certain things such as, she likes to drink
her water only if she can be against the wall, she won't go
on her pee pee pad if it has more than two pee's on it, and
we realized that she just wasn't eating enough so we
introduce her to the puppy Iaams and she's been inhaling
the food.  We had to take it away from her at one point
because she was eating so much.  Her sleeping has
improved, thanks for the advice.  She sleeps on our dresser
in the carry on bag we got from you.  She still has little
crying episodes if we have to leave her in her crate when we
leave to run errands, etc.  But this past Saturday my mom
and I took her to the mall in her new purse bag and she was
wonderful, she was so quiet.  Molly went to the grocery store
with my mom in the same type of bag and she was great
too.  We just love them both.  Hope you are doing well, will
send more pictures soon.  Lisa  

I am sending you a up date on bunny... we are now in germany and
setteled in... Bunny is doing fine.. I dont think she likes the cold to well
thou. but i have bought her LOTS of warm thing to wear when we go out..
In Germany you can take you Dog almost every were you go.. even in
resteronts and on the street along as the dog is well behave and
she is. she loves getting petted and talk to by everyone we pass.

The only thing i think she disl-likes is  that she has no one to play hard
with.. I stayed with my parents 5 weeks befor I moved up here and she got
used to playing with my moms dog and tackling her two cats.. the odd
thing was the cats didnt fight back.. so right now I am looking for a little sis
for her.. I have been on your webpage a few times scent i got here but
every pupy i like is sold... Im looking for a small puppy like Bunny.. bunny
is only about 5 or 6 lb... Im going to visit my parents around June, do you
know if you might have any litters then??

I inclosed a pic of bunny . I am tryin to let her hair grow out.. the lady at
petco befor i left didnt cut her hair right.. it was short on one side and long
on the other and all choppy.. I did my best to even it out.... well hope you
enjoy the pic.. talk to you later...

Hey Jeaninne,

sorry it's taken so long to get you
these, but my friend has a camera, not
me and she kept forgetting to bring it
over.  Evil-Lyn's doing great.  She
knows how to sit, stay,lay down and roll
over, she's a very smart girl, and so
Jeannine -
Remember us????  Gosh I am so
sorry I have not contacted you in so
long!!  My computer crashed, and I lost
my address book, and could not even
find your business card until now!  I
have not forgotten about you, just life
gets crazy during baseball and
summer!  Anyway, just wanted to
check in and let you know all is great
here, and Bella is doing just fine!  As
you can see, she is not getting very
big!  She still has not reached a full 4
lbs!!!  I finally got her trimmed for the
first time, and she looks adorable,
however next time I think I will leave
more hair around her cheeks and chin!

She drives everyone crazy around
here, always dragging things off and
hiding them in very small spaces so
you can never find them!!!  She is a
good dog though, and does not ever
bark, unless she is chasing the cat...  
Zoey just loves her and they play and
play all of the time!  This is a picture I
took last night of Bella and Zoey in her
new jeep!

When it is treat time for Bella, she
stands on her back legs and prances
around in a circle, it is way too cute!!

Anyway, I better go and hope all is
great with you guys!

Keep in touch!

Hey! How are ya'll doing? I haven't forgot to send
pictures of Mia, I still can't figure out how to do it. Call me
blonde..... The only picture I've sent is the one I sent to
you. I've had other people look at the computer and they
can't figure out how to attach the picture either.

Mia is great! She is the love of my life. I've never known
love like Mia love. She is a blessing. She weighs 4 1/2
pounds and is adorable. She loves to go swimming and
torture all her brothers and sisters. She knows how to
sit, lay down and roll over. We are working on shake and
jump now. JJ is trying to teach her to play dead. Not sure
how it's going to work out to but it's funny to watch. I just
wanted to say hi and let you know how she is. When I
figure out how to send a picture, you'll be the 1st one to
get it.

Hope all is well-

That little stinker is doing fine.  As a matter of fact I am
house-sitting for my parents who are also dog lovers and I'll
tell ya, that little stinker just gets right in the middle and
romps and rolls with the others.

He has had a few accidents which is expected but overall he
is doing great.  Funniest thing, he wakes up EVERY
morning @ 5.30 for a potty break outside.  He just cries and
whines unitl I get up to let him out and then its back to bed
for a short while.

His next apt with the vet is March 21.  Speaking of the vet,
he was so fond of Maverick, he said that he had never
heard of a Porkie before and he just thought he was the
cutest thing under the sun.  I still cant decide if he is going
to look more Yorkie or more Pom?  I guess we will find out
soon enough.

I thank you for doing such a good job with him, he is my little


Hi Jeaninne, hope you are feeling better.

Just checking to see if you got the picture's
of Roxy.  Jay didn't send them
until this morning, he and Roxy fell asleep in
recliner last night around
7:30 never got up untill 11:00.  Roxy ran
around for a little bit then
climbed in bed with us and fell a sleep
between us, then I just picked her
up and put her in her crate and she curled
right and went back to sleep.
She is a good sleeper.  Maybe that's
because half of the time she is awake
she runs around like a crazy woman. Lots of

I like it when she grabs clothes or slippers
which she knows she is not to
have, she prances around so proud and
takes it right over to her bed, that
is where she puts her stash.

Hope to send more picturs soon.

Talk to you later.


Just a little note to let you know how the dogs are doing.  We have
named the baby Bear.  He is just too cute and looks just like one
when he curls his lip back at Missy when they are playing.  We
have never had two puppies before and it is so much fun to watch
them play.  We have just about stopped watching tv at night until
they poop out and go to sleep.  Of course, they both have ended up
in bed with us, Bear sleeps on Larrys head and Missy on our feet.  
Bear has not really grown a lot but I really think he will be about her

We hope you are all well and have a great new year.


Hope things are good with you and your bunch.   
Just an update on the dogs.   
Miss O is getting so pretty, lots of silver and red on her face and
neck, lots of red on the front legs.  Bear is still tiny and black all
over.  I swear, his face does look just like a bear when he looks at
you.  He is still about 2 + lbs. and has grown very little.  He thinks
he is big thought and gives Missy you know what!  They both fly
through the doggie door to the back yard now.  We are constantly
entertained by them and have been taking them across the st to
the nsg home to visit my Mother who is there for rehab for a short
time (I hope).  The residents and workers really enjoy petting them.
Have you heard from the other lady that got  Bears brother?  I
wonder what size he is now.

Have a good evening!
Lucy – knows how to sit now.   My husband is
working on her to lay and roll over next.   LOL.   
He said he will have her trained in no time.   He
gives her a treat and she sits.   One time she
sat straight up in the air with her two paws off
the floor.  That was so CUTE!   Oh – and she
gave him her paw like twice but that is a little
rough still.

The picture I sent early this morning with her
looking up – she was looking at him and
refused to look at the camera!

He was talking to her at the same time telling
her he was taking her bye – byes.